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Feed of the Fortnight: come share with me

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If it’s OK with you, I’d like to slowly share my favourite RSS feeds. (What’s RSS? Read this.)
Every two weeks (ish) I’ll blog about my favourite feeds – and I hope you’ll share yours too.
As the tagline of this blog suggests, my feed links will be about libraries, learning & other loves.

Until next month when it is being retired, I am using Google Reader (or Greader). In preparation for the sad transition, I have just started using Feedly on my phone and Reeder on the desktop.

For the record, I subscribe to 323 feeds and I do not read them all. Currently Greader tells me I have 1000+ unread items, but this is the max Greader ever tells you. By a rough count it is closer to 5000 unread items. I think this is not unusual. (Am I right?)

feed sabonetinhos by violinha on flickr

That being said, I do read a lot of my feeds and it’s kinda cyclical depending on what is catching my interest. So sometimes I plow through music-related feeds, or check my friend’s blog feeds. A constant is my library-related feeds. My feeds are grouped by subject into folders. Grouping makes it easy to sort like-feeds, and obviously appeals to the cataloguer in me!


As an introduction I thought I’d share the folder names that I use to group my feeds:

  • Your starred items When I want to get back to something awesome, I ‘star’ it. Like flagging an email, or using a post-it.
  • Your shared items Greader users can share items with people they follow, or via email.
  • 2.0 As in Web 2.0: a vague folder for a vague term. There’s lots of stuff including library 2.0, web 3.0/semantic web and all things tech- library, social, both.
  • Art
  • Books
  • Chns & YA Translation: Children and Young Adult- meaning library stuff (collections, activities, programming ideas) that’s relevant to these groups.
  • CPD23 The excellent project I am neglecting/was doing. More info here.
  • eBks AKA eBooks.
  • Friends
  • Gong As in Wollongong, which is where I live.
  • Health
  • Jobs
  • Learning
  • Library
  • Mac As in the tech behemoth, not my Scottish connections.
  • Management
  • Me My blog feeds.
  • Music
  • Other
  • Writing How to, and novelists/others.

Apart from sharing what I deem essential with you Dear Reader, I imagine this process will help me analyse how I use RSS. I hope Feed of the Fortnight makes my favourite thing on the web work even better for me, and for you.

I would love it if these regular posts started other people sharing their fave feeds too.
So please leave a comment and tell me your essential feeds, and/or your folder names :)


Thanks to Madeline for her great post about her fave blogs which inspired me to finish this draft. Thank also to Con & all the #blogjune people for motivating me to publish this post.

Tumblr: what & why

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BREAKING NEWS: I’m using Tumblr, and I like it!

In case you missed the memo, Tumblr is a very cool, short-form blogging platform that is clean and super-easy to use. Tumblr is another form of microblogging; the current giant being Twitter. People share photos, music, links, videos, thoughts, quotes, short text, ANYTHING with minimal effort. Like ‘blog’ is a short-form of weblog, this type of (micro-)blogging gets its name from tumblelog. Positioned nicely between Twitter and longer-form blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger, Tumblr is fast and simple push-button publishing, with a focus on looking schmick. Many (most?) Tumblrs have ‘’ in the address, but some people self-host and choose the URL. Just like many websites use blogging software and self-host to create their own domain. Also a social network, Tumblr users (Tumblers? Tumblees? Tumblfolk?) connect and follow each other’s posts, and reblog and like (favourite) posts. Reblogging is prolific on Tumblr; sharing is caring and all that. Some may feel Tumblr is too littered with reposts, that it is lacking original content. However, if that’s how people want to use it, I see no problem with that. There definitely is original content in amongst the reblogs. Perhaps as a reaction to the negative ‘reblogging’ tag, the fun people at Tumblr bring you REBLORG, the home of original content only: To my mind, using Tumblr is like any 2.0-ish ‘thing;’ you make it work for you, how you want it to, and no, it won’t be for everyone. I like the following description from Tackling Tumblr : web publishing made simple by Thord Daniel Hedengren.

Tumblr is a hybrid service- part blogging, part microblogging, and a social network to boot. Not a very definite description, is it? The thing with Tumblr is that it really becomes what you make of it. It’s not just about understanding how the Tumblr service works, but also how you can use if for your own needs. (p. 6)

Given I mainly focus on libraries and learning here on, I am using Tumblr to share my other loves. So in a moment of super-name-coming-up-with-ness, I’ve titled my Tumblr:
My Tumblr tagline reads:

Here lie the other loves of David Green AKA dpgreen. Expect music, art, theatre, photos, & GeeBee. Libraries, learning, books & reading will surface too.

You can check it out over here:

There is a thriving art community on Tumblr. Gaming people and comic fans and creators too. You can follow folks with font fetishes, and literature enthusiasts. Design absolutely suits this platform, and of course tech is popular too. Oh and music, and music, and more music. You should find whatever you’re after, with hi-res photos adding to the goodness and the glossiness.

My current fave Tumblrs are:

I do have some fave library Tumblrs too (SURPRISE!) and I’ll mention those soon in my next post: Tumblr pt. 2.

Do you use Tumblr? Please leave me your Tumblr link in the comments, &/or recommend your favourite Tumblrs :)


p.s. This post has been a draft for a long while. Special thanks to Kate Tkacik for her excellent piece which reignited my spark, and prompted me to finish and publish it :)