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#Followalibrary Day Follow-up

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Thanks so much to all who participated in #Followalibrary Day. I had a great time chatting with passionate people from absolutely everywhere. I’m especially grateful to Karen du Toit and Wilma van den Brink for their masterful steering on the day. It’s such a pleasure to be on Team @followalibrary – I love that we drive the day from three countries! And here’s some more excitement…

  If you couldn’t make it, or you want a refresh, here’s the Storify:

Join us on October 1st for #followalibrary Day!

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This post originally appeared on International Librarians Network.

Are you passionate about promoting your library? Do you need to escape the echo chamber and reach people from other industries, and non-users? Does your library do or have something that may surprise people? Make sure you get behind #followalibrary Day! At a minimum, you and your library service will get more followers.

Sexy Tweet: Follow Me @DianaGavrilita uploaded by Seattle Clouds.

Sexy Tweet: Follow Me @DianaGavrilita uploaded by Seattle Clouds.

This online event runs all day on October 1st. It’s a marketing, advocacy, networking free-for-all; a drop-in, casual twitter chat that feels like a group hug. Everyone everywhere can participate, and with steering committee members from South Africa, the Netherlands, and Australia, it’s truly an international affair.

How to play:

• Add #followalibrary to your tweets
• Follow @followalibrary for discussion topics and questions
• Watch the stream by searching #followalibrary

This year we’ll tweet topics and questions from the @followalibrary account with a #librarysurprises focus. The idea is to spread the word about innovative, out-of-the-box library programs, resources, and work practices, that users and non-users may be surprised to learn we do. The #followalibrary stream may look like this:

@followalibrary: How does your library smash the libraries-as-quiet-places stereotype? #librarysurprises #followalibrary

@sclibs: By day: 70 ppl sang rhymes & danced the Hokey Pokey. By night: 40 teens watched anime on the big screen. #librarysurprises #followalibrary”

Libraries are great at advertising to, and asking for feedback from, our regular customers. But how well do we engage the wider community? Similarly, library staff know that libraries are doing amazing things for community building, skill-sharing, and of course literacy (to name a few). But do our funding bodies, our politicians, our business sector, know of this social value?

Let’s get noticed on October 1st by flooding our streams with #followalibrary tweets. We’ll spread the good word about the great work libraries are doing, while sharing ideas with each other. Our library twitter accounts will get more followers, our services will get more members, and our community will join the conversation – so what have you got to lose?! Join us for #followalibrary Day on October 1st.

October 1st is #followalibrary Day! So watch our fun video :)

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Have you heard? October 1st is #followalibrary Day on twitter!

Ice cased Adelie penguins after a blizzard at Cape Denison / photograph by Frank Hurley. By State Library of NSW on Flickr.

I’m excited this great event is back! On October 1, funtastic folk will be tweeting the AWESOMENESS of libraries and using the hashtag #followalibrary. We’ll be tweeting about reading, creating, playing, communicating, learning, sharing & all the other excellent stuff we do in libraries. It’s such a cool way to spread library love :)

To promote the event, my workmates & I made a video, which I’m excited to share with you:

To stay in the loop, you should follow @followalibrary on twitter & check out the blog too. Also, start searching twitter now for #followalibrary & join the par-tay. Most importantly, make sure you join in the fun on #followalibrary Day & I’ll look forward to tweeting with you on October 1st!


p.s. That’s the first time I’ve specifically mentioned where I work, so you can tell I’m proud of this video! I’m also proud of my workplace & workmates in general, I just hadn’t mentioned it yet :)