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Sounds on Sunday

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If you don’t know Antony and The Johnsons, you are about to thank me.

Now go buy an album. I recommend starting with The Crying Light, but if live music is your thing, go with Cut The World. Both are Ahhhh-mazing.
Do you love you some Antony?
Any sound-alike recommendations for me pls?


GeeBee Hearts Baby

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GeeBee has been completely getting into playing with toy babies recently. Here she is trying hard to buckle “Bay-bee” (as she calls her) into her high chair. It’s a super-cute phase she’s entering; lots of cuddles & feeding baby. She also pats Mummy’s tummy & says “Bay-bee!”

Thankfully most excellent wife J. is pregnant.

C S Lewis on goal setting

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”



Wordless Wednesday (for Hana)

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Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday

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I genuinely thought today was Wednesday! All day I thought this. Not until I published this & looked at previous posts did I realise, I was only two days out from Sunday.
Am I really well enough to return to work tomorrow?!

And yes, this is the best I’ve looked in days & days…

Stress sick

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Stress sick
Coughing crammed calendar
Burnt out busy
Balancing bizerk.

Tonight a lawyer is helping us with our wills.
Coincidence, I tell myself.

Mandela is dying,
So too is Labor’s reign.
GeeBee is aging,
As am I.

Our house is being smashed
And then repaired.
Under a Head Builder’s watch.

No doubt that’s what happening to me.
But there are no permits or plans.
And I guess I’m the Head Builder.

Work will wait
Without me.

I need to take better care of myself.

Sounds on Sunday

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My #blogjune Sounds on Sunday set cannot be complete without Radiohead. Consistently in my top 3 fave music makers, Radiohead are perhaps my favourite band. Too hard to call, yes, but probably. Fave song is outright too hard to choose. Here’s one of my faves from Amnesiac:

I’m quite ill right now, so this fits my mood. Did you know Radiohead got their name from a Talking Heads song? Cool huh?!
Do you have a favourite Radiohead song? Or album?
Care to share any Radiohead sound-alike recommendations please? I’m always looking for new music! :)

Got flu? Try meme-ing

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cold meme

We came. We saw. We Thrillered!

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Lots of fun after a l-o-n-g week…

(more info on previous post)


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off my chest.


that’s better.