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#Followalibrary Day Follow-up

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Thanks so much to all who participated in #Followalibrary Day. I had a great time chatting with passionate people from absolutely everywhere. I’m especially grateful to Karen du Toit and Wilma van den Brink for their masterful steering on the day. It’s such a pleasure to be on Team @followalibrary – I love that we drive the day from three countries! And here’s some more excitement…

¬† If you couldn’t make it, or you want a refresh, here’s the Storify:

Twittery years later…

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In 2003, who knew this is how I would read this news?

Björk for Prime Minister.

ANZ 23 Mobile Things

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I have jumped into a great professional development course called ANZ 23 Mobile Things. It’s for people in Australia and New Zealand doing Jan, Mylee & Kathryn‘s¬†ultra cool 23 Mobile Things course. We’re going to learn all that is vital to know about how mobile devices can awesome-ise library people, library programs and spaces. The major reason I signed up for the course is because about 2 weeks ago I was ‘given’ an iPad for work. My daughter¬†has one which¬†I have barely used, and I have always wanted to start. This course seemed like the perfect starting point! The other reasons I have signed up are: group-learning is awesome, the price is right (FREE!), and professional development is very important to me.

In the past I started CPD23 but never finished. Twice! I’m ok with that; self-paced learning is about dipping in and dipping out. I played with a few of the things, but never got into a pattern. I absolutely learnt stuff and still follow hashtags and people from the course. Perhaps the biggest thing I did learn was, I did not set aside enough time to play and learn. Of course I hope to remedy this, and will do this by allotting work-time to complete the course. I can always go back and finish CPD23, and the other cool thing is, ANZ 23 Mobile Things is different because it is about using mobile devices.


Thing 1 was all about Twitter – excellent! I totally love twitter. In 2011 I declared Twitter & RSS to be the best things on the Internet. I still think this is true. Here’s what I tweeted last week: “Top reasons I <3 @twitter: real-time searching, quick advice, virtually attend events, link sharing, short, sharp convos, stay up-2-date, democratising the web (can ask any1 anything), it’s a community!”. Currently I use the official twitter app on my Galaxy (android) phone and on my iPad. My desktop preference is the old Tweetdeck. I also sometimes use Hootsuite on my desktop at work. If you can recommend a great mobile app, please leave me a comment :)
Heaps of the learning for the course will take place on twitter; so get amongst it. Search for and tweet using the hashtag #anz23mthings. To get news from the source follow @anz23mthings. Oh and make sure you grab the RSS feeds from the course site.

I’m very excited to be actively learning, sharing and playing again.
I’m certain the course will remind me how the words learning, sharing and playing¬†are wonderful tautologies!

October 1st is #followalibrary Day! So watch our fun video :)

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Have you heard? October 1st is #followalibrary Day on twitter!

Ice cased Adelie penguins after a blizzard at Cape Denison / photograph by Frank Hurley. By State Library of NSW on Flickr.

I’m excited this great event is back! On October 1, funtastic folk will be tweeting the AWESOMENESS of libraries and using the hashtag #followalibrary. We’ll be tweeting about reading, creating, playing, communicating, learning, sharing & all the other excellent stuff we do in libraries. It’s such a cool way to spread library love :)

To promote the event, my workmates & I made a video, which I’m excited to share with you:

To stay in the loop, you should follow @followalibrary on twitter & check out the blog too. Also, start searching twitter now for #followalibrary & join the par-tay. Most importantly, make sure you join in the fun on #followalibrary Day & I’ll look forward to tweeting with you on October 1st!


p.s. That’s the first time I’ve specifically mentioned where I work, so you can tell I’m proud of this video! I’m also proud of my workplace & workmates in general, I just hadn’t mentioned it yet :)