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#Followalibrary Day Follow-up

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Thanks so much to all who participated in #Followalibrary Day. I had a great time chatting with passionate people from absolutely everywhere. I’m especially grateful to Karen du Toit and Wilma van den Brink for their masterful steering on the day. It’s such a pleasure to be on Team @followalibrary – I love that we drive the day from three countries! And here’s some more excitement…

  If you couldn’t make it, or you want a refresh, here’s the Storify:

Join us on October 1st for #followalibrary Day!

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This post originally appeared on International Librarians Network.

Are you passionate about promoting your library? Do you need to escape the echo chamber and reach people from other industries, and non-users? Does your library do or have something that may surprise people? Make sure you get behind #followalibrary Day! At a minimum, you and your library service will get more followers.

Sexy Tweet: Follow Me @DianaGavrilita uploaded by Seattle Clouds.

Sexy Tweet: Follow Me @DianaGavrilita uploaded by Seattle Clouds.

This online event runs all day on October 1st. It’s a marketing, advocacy, networking free-for-all; a drop-in, casual twitter chat that feels like a group hug. Everyone everywhere can participate, and with steering committee members from South Africa, the Netherlands, and Australia, it’s truly an international affair.

How to play:

• Add #followalibrary to your tweets
• Follow @followalibrary for discussion topics and questions
• Watch the stream by searching #followalibrary

This year we’ll tweet topics and questions from the @followalibrary account with a #librarysurprises focus. The idea is to spread the word about innovative, out-of-the-box library programs, resources, and work practices, that users and non-users may be surprised to learn we do. The #followalibrary stream may look like this:

@followalibrary: How does your library smash the libraries-as-quiet-places stereotype? #librarysurprises #followalibrary

@sclibs: By day: 70 ppl sang rhymes & danced the Hokey Pokey. By night: 40 teens watched anime on the big screen. #librarysurprises #followalibrary”

Libraries are great at advertising to, and asking for feedback from, our regular customers. But how well do we engage the wider community? Similarly, library staff know that libraries are doing amazing things for community building, skill-sharing, and of course literacy (to name a few). But do our funding bodies, our politicians, our business sector, know of this social value?

Let’s get noticed on October 1st by flooding our streams with #followalibrary tweets. We’ll spread the good word about the great work libraries are doing, while sharing ideas with each other. Our library twitter accounts will get more followers, our services will get more members, and our community will join the conversation – so what have you got to lose?! Join us for #followalibrary Day on October 1st.

Fistpump baby hearts #blogjune

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I hadn’t played with a meme generator before now. I used but there’s heaps to choose from. It was fun, easy and I’ve already made one to get news to my teens at work!

How do you use meme generators? What’s your fave meme?

Mobile tech: photo taking & sharing

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As I mentioned, I have only just scored an iPad for work, so I am new to iPad photography. The few iPad photos I have taken have been okay quality & I’m keen to keep practising. I do take many photos with my phone though. I love the convenience of having a camera in your pocket, and being able to share pics instantly. Up until yesterday I have been having serious troubles using packet data on my phone for nearly 3 months. I have been too lazy to investigate, and have just used wifi at home & work. However, this has meant I’ve nearly stopped sharing phone pics. The problem is now fixed; I hadn’t updated the software. D’oh!

Here’s a phone photo I’m quite happy with:

Sunrise. View from our balcony at home.

Sunrise. View from our balcony at home.

I use phone and iPad photos posted to work twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts to promote library events & engage customers. This works! Of course, taking photos then posting in real time is the bonus of mobile tech. For example, I tweeted a cute teddy photo to amp people up for our recent Teddy Bears’ Picnic. I also take quick snaps of new anime & manga as they hit my desk, then upload to work social media accounts. And sometimes to my own if I’m especially excited about new things :)

How do you use mobile tech photography in your life? And at your work?

October 1st is #followalibrary Day! So watch our fun video :)

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Have you heard? October 1st is #followalibrary Day on twitter!

Ice cased Adelie penguins after a blizzard at Cape Denison / photograph by Frank Hurley. By State Library of NSW on Flickr.

I’m excited this great event is back! On October 1, funtastic folk will be tweeting the AWESOMENESS of libraries and using the hashtag #followalibrary. We’ll be tweeting about reading, creating, playing, communicating, learning, sharing & all the other excellent stuff we do in libraries. It’s such a cool way to spread library love :)

To promote the event, my workmates & I made a video, which I’m excited to share with you:

To stay in the loop, you should follow @followalibrary on twitter & check out the blog too. Also, start searching twitter now for #followalibrary & join the par-tay. Most importantly, make sure you join in the fun on #followalibrary Day & I’ll look forward to tweeting with you on October 1st!


p.s. That’s the first time I’ve specifically mentioned where I work, so you can tell I’m proud of this video! I’m also proud of my workplace & workmates in general, I just hadn’t mentioned it yet :)

Brand me dot com

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I am   s l o w l y   doing this fab professional development course called CPD23. You may recall I started last year but didn’t finish because, well, work, life and stuff got busy, and oh yeah, WE HAD A BABY! So this year I’m doing the Things I missed out on. I blogged about Things 1 and 2 here. Last year I wrote about Thing 3, Online Presence here: (br)And introducing… dpgreen! Since last year I haven’t consciously altered my ‘brand’ in any way, instead I’ve aimed to keep it consistent across social media platforms and other online haunts.

In thinking about this short post, I have decided I want to tweak the wording on my social media profiles to include “proud Dad.”  Also, I’m planning to re-write the About page on this blog. I think I am doing myself – my brand – a disservice by pledging to blog about topics that I haven’t written about yet. It is not that I particularly care that I haven’t blogged about every topic from my About page yet. Rather, I want to be careful not to be guilty of false advertising. For I know whenever I check out someone new to me in the blogosphere or twittersphere, the first thing I do is read their about page, or profile. This is a MAJOR factor in my, let’s be honest, lightning fast decision of whether I want to follow them or subscribe to their RSS feed. If someone’s About pledge and profile doesn’t match their blog or twitter stream content, then I’m far less likely to engage with them. So, I figure the same must be true for my profile and what I claim to ‘be about’. Perhaps people read my about page, and are wondering where the missing content is.

What about you? Do you read profiles and about pages? How do you feel when the claim and the content differ?


National Tobacco Company Ltd :It’s toasted. No other brands are genuine; refuse all imitations. Riverhead Gold navy cut no. 3, cut plug no. 10, Cavendish mixture. The only toasted tobacco on the New Zealand market. No cough, no bite; does not injure heart by National Library NZ on The Commons on Flickr.

(br)And introducing… dpgreen! (CPD23 Thing 3)

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Last week the CPD23 crew asked us to think about our personal brand. Specifically, “consider how people see your online brand, what brand you would like to convey, and how to match the two.”

Original photo by Jon Worth.

(you can make your own Bus Banner here)

Analysing your brand. You may think that’s big business stuff, or it sounds kinda egotistical. However, if our brand is the image we represent online, then analysing our online identity is a very sensible and interesting thing to do. Especially considering our online identity can affect our present & future career aspirations, and our social interactions, both online and IRL. If we do not know people well in real life, our online presence is how people feel they first know us. And to a point they do know us: we are what we portray online, we are our brand. It’s our online identity.

As suggested by the CPD23 crew, I did a Google incognito search while I was logged out of my account, to get a truly objective view. I typed “dpgreen” and following is the list of hits from page one:

  1. My twitter account (number 1!)
  2. This! My blog: (number 2!)
  3. My flickr account
  4. A link to a company called DP Green Inc. who specialise in custom outdoor living requirements.
  5. on Facebook
  6. My vimeo account

Results 7 to 10 were other “brands,” and you can click here to see a screenshot of the results.

My thoughts

  • Good: of the ten results on page one, five referred to my online brand.
  • Better: of the first six, five were dpgreen results.
  • Best: my blog was number two!

We’ve all googled ourselves (right?!) but this was the first time I’ve googled “dpgreen”. I was very pleased and very surprised by this search result. I didn’t expect to have my blog so close to the top. It’s logical to see Twitter & Facebook accounts up there – Internet behemoths that they are! – but my blog? I guess the term “dpgreen” is not super common, unlike, oh I don’t know, the term “David Green”. Which is exactly why I chose dpgreen. Not uncommon enough to still have the .com address available mind you, but I think all the ones you really want are gone, right?!

Branding decisions

It is good practice – nay, great practice! – to use the same handle/moniker/name across as many platforms as you use, whenever possible. Why? “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life!” (Act IV, The Crucible by Arthur Miller). Basically so you are easy to recognise & follow. Thankfully, @libsmatter put me onto the very clever when I read this interesting post a while ago. I use the same profile pic across various networks to continue my brand. This makes finding (or avoiding!) me easier for people who I connect with online. Having – by which I mean renting – my own domain name secures me my place on the web and a real choice of email addresses. I believe ‘owning’ my domain name & using as my email host implies a professionalism & tech-competency that I’m happy for people to think I possess! I remember reading this good piece of advice a while ago from @haikugirlOz.

What I want to change & improve

Despite reading quite a bit about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) I haven’t done anything about it! I’m honestly not (that) bothered with blog traffic, I’m really in it for learning & networking, but mastering SEO would be a great skill for my workplace. I’d like to figure out how to dictate what a search result produces when the hit is Currently a “dpgreen” search reveals this:

Rather than retrieving this blog address (yay!) and a paragraph rich with the keyword “dpgreen” (boo!) I’d like to control what appears as a description. I’d like it to read as my blog tagline does: “Libraries & learning. (Occasional other loves.)” Or something from my about page perhaps, but the point is I want to learn how to do it! I also want to tidy up my brand on any rogue accounts I have and am not using, or are squatting on for later. I’m thinking of, YouTube, etc. This exercise has also prompted me to re-think & probably update my about page, and my twitter bio.

We know marketing our workplace & the services we offer is vital. That is brand management. Analysing & controlling our own brand is important too.