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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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Friends, I’ve been offline. Our beautiful boy Ashton was stillborn recently.

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Just over two months ago (30.10.13) our beautiful baby boy Ashton was stillborn at 38 weeks. Naturally, I have been offline since our tragedy. We have had wonderful support from family and dear friends during this intense grieving period. I’ll always be extremely grateful for the loving support, space, hugs and heartfelt correspondences (and dinners, plants, flowers, etc. etc.) As the fog is slowly lifting I wanted to share our awful news with you, dear reader. My PLN, twitter friends, Libraryland people and online buddies have always extended the kindest of support to me, most excellent wife J. and Belle (AKA #GeeBee). During this pregnancy was no exception. So I wanted to you to know why I have been quiet online, and more importantly, what’s been going on in the Greenhouse.

Baby Ashton 026


Most people are asking, in their own way, what can they do? What do we need?

We have truly felt solace and comfort from thoughts and prayers; spoken, written and otherwise. For us, it is important to talk about Ash with people because it acknowledges his too short and extremely important life. Communicating with us about a tragedy like this is sometimes too difficult for people, and we completely understand this. I feel and appreciate these people’s thoughts and prayers equally. To save others from living with such a loss, we are raising money for research into stillbirth. My family, and others, would be very grateful for any donation you could spare. Please visit:

THANK YOU so much to those loving folk who have already donated ☺

And thank you dear reader for your support.
May 2014 bring you love, positivity and good health.