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Crowdsourcing library design and programming ideas

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Your library needs you!

Image from New York Public Library on Flickr.

Dear Friends,

I am in the enviable position of being able to help plan a new, purpose-built central library. Seriously! It’s a massive task, and I am so excited to be involved. Quite probably it is a once in a career opportunity. As a Children’s and Youth Librarian, my areas of focus are designing two AWESOME spaces: one for children 0-12ish and one for young people 12-18ish. I’m also extremely excited about creating a maker/hacker/content creation space for digital ‘things’, fine arts, and group learning through play and discovery. I’d love to please ask YOU for inspiration, help and information. For, as you know, “everybody is smarter than anybody”.
Did I mention we have a bottomless pit of money?!* So shoot for the moon!

I’m really hoping this crowdsourcing experience will benefit us all; we will all learn and be inspired :) So please, share with me. Let’s you and I create the best library with the best programs!

In the next few days, I’m hoping to pick your brains so we can all learn excellent examples of:

  • library design best practice
  • brilliantly designed libraries
  • spaces for children, and, spaces for young people
  • hacker/maker/content creation spaces
  • programming for children, and, programming for young people

To keep requests bite-sized, I imagine I’ll ask for your Top 3 responses to future posts and tweets.
When you’re answering my calls for help please use #crowdlib.

Please do what people-who-work-with-and-for-people do best – please help and share, so together we can learn and create something beautiful, and essential.
My community and I truly thank you in advance.

<3 David.

p.s. For those mega eager to help, how about leaving me a “Here to help!” comment, or tweet me mentioning #crowdlib. Thanks party people :)


*actual pit is far from bottomless, but aim HUGE anyway 😉

Wordless Wednesday

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Dad's hat & my book

Taking, sharing & storing photos

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I love photography. Most excellent wife J. is a great photographer:

Me? Not so much. I dabble; and sepia and black & white are my friends:

I used to really, really like flickr, but due to the new overhaul, I can barely view my own photos over our slowish home connection. I still use it a bit though, especially for the awesome Commons – check it out for your next blog post image. I tweet photos and take a fair few with my phone. I rely on google to store them for me as I have an android. However, I admit I don’t know enough about how these photos are being stored, I just access any I want on the desktop via google plus, or on my phone. Since scoring a work iPad I am taking some with that too and I post to work Facebook and twitter accounts. We also have a work flickr account that I set-up, but only occasionally use, mainly because it’s a convoluted system to upload via our system, and it takes so long it often times out! Consequently, any work photo flickr uploads I do at home. (But I’m trying not to work from home too much lately…)

As part of my learning/playing, I’ve just joined Instagram and am enjoying exploring. I’m dpgreen_net; come say hi!

My library uses photos to promote events and activities. But now that I think about it, this is usually after the fact. Sometimes I post anticipation photos to gee-up people, and my new workmate posts some in real time – awesome! However, we mostly post photos to Facebook, twitter and flickr chronicling event highlights, rather than in the lead-up. (Note to self: post more pre-event photos.) We have a form which parents/carers and adults need to sign if we’re going to publish photos of them or their minors. This can be a hassle; to the point where we sometimes don’t take photos, or we just post shots with backs of heads. Sometimes I wonder if we could ask for permission when people sign up for their membership…

Last year I ran a Zombie Photo Competition for National Youth Week. It was a great success, and something different for my library! There were maybe 30 entries and they were so creative. Given the prevalence of mobile devices, I encouraged young people to use a zombify-ing app on their phone/tablet photos – this boosted entry numbers. I displayed all the entries and young people got a kick out of seeing their work in the library. Perhaps the best aspect was engaging some non-library users. I recommend a photo comp for teens, and really should try it again at my work.

Speaking of zombies, let me pick your braaaains!

  • Does your library have a great idea for gaining photo permissions?
  • How do you store your photos taken on mobile devices?
  • Are you on Instagram? Leave your handle in the comments :)

Dress Rehearsal (Wordless Wednesday)

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Twittery years later…

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In 2003, who knew this is how I would read this news?

Björk for Prime Minister.

I got me an X!

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Sounds on Sunday

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If you don’t know Antony and The Johnsons, you are about to thank me.

Now go buy an album. I recommend starting with The Crying Light, but if live music is your thing, go with Cut The World. Both are Ahhhh-mazing.
Do you love you some Antony?
Any sound-alike recommendations for me pls?


GeeBee Hearts Baby

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GeeBee has been completely getting into playing with toy babies recently. Here she is trying hard to buckle “Bay-bee” (as she calls her) into her high chair. It’s a super-cute phase she’s entering; lots of cuddles & feeding baby. She also pats Mummy’s tummy & says “Bay-bee!”

Thankfully most excellent wife J. is pregnant.

C S Lewis on goal setting

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”



Where I belong in a library

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As I was wondering what to write about today for #blogjune, I happened on this meme via Con, via Catherine.

Enter the You As The Dewey Decimal System generator! My deets produced this:

David Green’s Dewey Decimal Section: 218 Humankind

David Green = 4129478554 = 412+947+855+4 = 2218

200 Religion

The Bible and other religious texts, books about the general philosophy and theory of religion.

What it says about you:
You don’t mind thinking about the unknown or other very big ideas. You will never feel like your work is finished. The 200-series is dominated by Christian topics, so you may feel like you’re constantly surrounded by Christians.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

All I entered was name, birth date & fave number between 1-3 (optional). I had 3 results to choose from (2 with identical wording) & I could choose the colour. So yeah, I don’t think it’s an exact science 😉

The Results

“Humankind;” that’s nice, I like that.
Yes, I do enjoy “thinking about the unknown or other very big ideas”.
Oh? “(I) will never feel like (my) work is finished?” Really?! Oh. NO!
I haven’t ever felt like I’m surrounded by Christians. Except for in church.
Like in any group of people, so long as they’re cool thinkers, this would never be a problem for me. Despite what the generator is implying.

What’s your Dewey number?