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Delayed gratification: opening mail, later

Posted: June 4th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: self-reflection | Tags: , , , , , | 1 Comment »

Parcels, packages, cards, cd mailers, sparkly tubes of funness. Basically anything except junk mail & bills; I call Fun Mail. And I don’t open them. Not straight away anyhow. I am getting better. I used to spend a-g-e-s watching, petting, stoking out on fun mail & would just let it sit. I rattle it, feel the weight, imagine, wonder about the contents. Like exploring gifts under a Christmas tree. An example: many years ago a woman who had a special place in my heart, sent me a letter from overseas. I didn’t open it for the longest time. I can’t recall the contents, it was nothing dramatic, just a friendly ‘Hello; thinking of you, here’s what I’m up to now’. A more recent example: most excellent wife J. pre-ordered the new Atoms For Peace vinyl for me for Christmas. When it arrived months later I was so excited that I didn’t open it. Music is one of my passions, my loves, an obsession. (See this post.) I knew once I’d opened the package I’d be closer to hearing new awesome music! BUT this means I’m closer to finishing my experience of revealing the fun mail; I’m at the critical, exciting point of hearing new music for the first time. A once in a lifetime experience that I like to savour, to delay. I’m the same with new books. When a new Winton comes out, I buy it & let it sit on my shelf. Building anticipation, gathering excita-dust.

Fun Mail: Atoms For Peace LP.

Fun Mail: Atoms For Peace LP.

Do you let fun mail sit, or do you rip it open instantly?

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