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NEWSFLASH! Blogging drought breaks!

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Well Dear Reader, I have finally blogged! I could list reasons/guesses why I have taken such a long break, but I may never finish that list, and therefore never post. Ever again!

MCCALL MAGAZINE COVER, GIRL IN RAIN by Nickolas Muray from George Eastman House on Flickr.

Jessica Olin from the ever-helpful & oh-so-interesting Letters to a Young Librarian asked me to contribute a post. I was stoked :)

Letters to a Young Librarian is a blog – an advice forum of sorts – where practising librarians share advice to new and other not-so-new library folk. If you don’t read this blog, you should. I decided to write about perfectionism, procrastination and asking for help. I’d be super-pleased if you would check out my post: Be Courageous; Ask for Help.

Oh and feel free to leave a comment there, or here.

Thanks for reading!